91.5 million viewers. An estimated $485 million total advertising spend. Safe to say that the breadth of Super Bowl commercials continues to reach far and wide. And this year was no different.

In lieu of Super Bowl LV earlier this month in which the Tom Brady-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, ArtVersion, alongside other Ad Age Amp community members, shared thoughts on some of the game’s top advertising moments. Ad Age assembled a virtual judges panel of Amp community members to weigh in on the creativity and some of the game’s best – or worst – advertising angles.

Erin Lentz, Executive Director of Design at ArtVersion, mentioned General Motors’ “No Way, Norway” :60 advertising spot featuring actor and comedian Will Ferrell as one of the major highlights. The spot is part of GM’s “Everybody In” awareness campaign centered around the brand’s eye on a future fueled by more electric vehicles.

Erin Lentz, Executive Director of Design at ArtVersion
Erin Lentz, Executive Director of Design at ArtVersion

“Informative, yet funny. One of the more memorable commercials that aired. Also love the new branding at the end of the commercial.”

Erin Lentz, Executive Director of Design at ArtVersion

The article follows up on a series of other Amp Spotlight publications by Ad Age. Most recently, ArtVersion’s perspective on finding balance and rhythm in today’s work-from-home era was also featured by Ad Age back in January.

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