Under the tough set of circumstances COVID-19 has presented, maintaining internal congruency and connectivity with teams has been a challenging proposition. Still, there are ways to make it happen.

Behind adaptable resources, organized project management systems and trusted expertise, ArtVersion marches on as a leading creative agency with a diverse set of capabilities to overcome the slump. Specializing in web design and UI/UX design, ArtVersion has established its award-winning services on local, national and international levels.

In a recent article by Ad Age, ArtVersion, alongside other Ad Age Amp community members, shared insights on attacking a productive office culture in today’s work-from-home era. John Forsyth, Brand Strategist at ArtVersion, highlights the combination of resources like Slack and Monday.com as keys to success.

John Forsyth, Brand Strategist at ArtVersion
John Forsyth, Brand Strategist at ArtVersion

“The combination of resources like Slack and Monday.com, along with the receptiveness of team members to exploring new ways of thinking despite being virtual, has instilled comfort and fueled success in working from home.”

John Forsyth, Brand Strategist at ArtVersion

The article follows up on a series of other Amp Spotlight publications by Ad Age. Most recently, ArtVersion’s marketplace perspective on fresh advertising trends powering brands forward in 2021 was also featured by Ad Age in late-December.

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