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— Alane Fagin, Executive Director
Child Abuse Prevention Services

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When developing a brand strategy, a collaborative effort creates better results than a project lead by one or two people.


A team can come up with many ideas for the visuals and story of your brand. Your eyes will be opened to possibilities that you didn’t think was possible. The collaborative effort between marketing professionals and designers will also ensure that the visual communication and the message are in blending synergy.

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There are many advantages of working with a creative agency. The distinct advantage it offers over other options is that you get to work with a creative team all focused on achieving one goal. Even if there are multiple aspects of a project or even multiple projects, the creative team can collaborate to make sure that the final product is seamless and outstanding. This really comes to light in a wide variety of projects such as brand strategy, digital marketing, and web planning.


Many organizations, non-profits, Fortune 500 companies and startups over the last two decades.


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Branding is something you want to improve, right? Changing your brand’s message or story back and forth can lose the trust and credibility of your market and customers. It is also costly as it will call for marketing plans and strategies to be repositioned. That’s why it pays to have the right creative agency on your side. There is immense value in getting an objective on point and team with a proven strategy in place.

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A creative agency can aid in your digital marketing efforts with a brand story and visual narrative. Having the right visual communications is important whether your strategy is based on content marketing, social media, or paid advertising. ArtVersion team can help you make sure that your marketing and branding are cohesive.

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Design elements play a large role in the success of advertising and marketing campaigns. The same thing applies to digital marketing. The value of visual design does not solely lie in its aesthetics. It is combination of positive brand vibe, promise, and look-and-feel.

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ArtVersion is a Chicago-based independent creative agency specializing in design, branding, web, and user experience. Comprised of a cross-functional team of strategists, designers and developers - our work is regularly recognized by prestigious companies, organizations and researchers locally, nationally and internationally.

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The bottom line is that all the results of all these creative projects are maximized by having a team with proven expertise working under the same goal.

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