ArtVersion Recognized as a Leading Brand-Building Agency

Built-in Chicago named ArtVersion a leading agency in Chicago for its expertise in helping build brands. The team made it on a tight list of only seven other branding agencies based in Chicago. Built-in Chicago is an online platform that helps share company stories and connect communities and companies. Their spotlight on agencies helped to elevate brands and was a notable way to celebrate the impact of branding.

“Branding is really at the core of design,” says Goran Paun, principal of ArtVersion. “Design, UI/UX, and graphic design all collectively create a brand’s identity, and with the rapid pace in which brands keep growing, a robust brand identity is more important than ever.”

ArtVersion designers collaborating on a project

Branding—whether brand refreshes, building a brand ecosystem, logo designs, content development, or establishing a design language and guidelines, comes in diverse shapes and forms. Yet, its purpose is the same: showcase to the world the story, purpose, and differentiation of a company.

ArtVersion continues to work with different brands that span across a multitude of industries to help them achieve their branding goals. The team has worked with industries such as architecture, manufacturing, automotive, technology, hospitality, medical, and much more along with B2B, SaaS, Fortune 500, and non-profits, among many others in strengthening their digital presence.

The team behind ArtVersion believes that every brand’s touchpoint, from its website design to its marketing materials, must communicate a consistent and compelling narrative. This way of design thinking has led them to develop innovative strategies that integrate traditional branding principles with the latest digital trends. Their work is characterized by a keen attention to detail, a deep understanding of user experience, and a commitment to creating intuitive and emotionally resonant designs. The success stories of their clientele speak volumes. For instance, a technology company they worked with saw a significant increase in user engagement after a brand overhaul. At the same time, a non-profit organization experienced a surge in donations following a website redesign ArtVersion designed. These successes underline the effectiveness of their methods and the impact of their work as one of the leading Chicago branding agencies.

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