ArtVersion Secures Gold in 2024 MUSE Creative Design Awards

To kick off the first competitive design award season of the year, the MUSE Creative and Design Awards revealed the winners for 2024. The ArtVersion team was listed among them, securing victory as a Gold winner for the Website category. The winning website was for their work with the Virginia A. Groot Foundation—Art Is Everywhere.

The 2024 MUSE Creative Awards is hosted by the International Awards Associate or IAA, and with over 8,000 submissions from around the world, the ArtVersion team was honored to be a part of the winning design projects. MUSE celebrates excellence across different fields of design and creativity and is judged by a panel of 56 experts in the industry.

A main component that the jurors seek is analyzing how their work has helped industries move forward in their respective fields. For the ArtVersion team, that was also an important factor when developing the Art Is Everywhere website.

“It was truly such a remarkable experience to work on this project. Uncovering the story of Candice’s life didn’t feel like research, it felt like getting to know her and we wanted to tell that story as accurately as possible. It was an honor to have been entrusted by the Groot team to take on this website and preserve her legacy for future generations of artists,” says Cristina Chaidez, ArtVersion’s Content Strategist.

The website, rich with optimized imagery, immersive experience, and impactful storytelling, was a website dedicated to the late founder of the Virginia A. Groot Foundation, Candice B. Groot. The project was an archival hub for Candice’s artwork collection but also offered a biographical glimpse into her life and impact as an artist and educator.

“Creativity knows no bounds; it’s the cornerstone of every great design. At IAA, we’re committed to honoring and promoting the brilliance and originality that propel the creative process forward,” says Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of IAA.

Throughout the project, the ArtVersion team conducted research and on-location photoshoots of Candice’s extensive art collection, truly immersing themselves in the art world to develop a website that would reflect this.

“There was a lot of creative freedom for this project, but ultimately, we wanted to make it resonate with the Virginia A. Groot Foundation audience while creating something new and immersive. We took a lot of inspiration from the art that we were able to photograph firsthand for an engaging and dynamic user experience,” says ArtVersion Designer, Matthew Bless.

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