ArtVersion’s Erin Lentz Featured in Muse.World Interview

“Good design needs to be human-centered; it must fulfill the purpose and be intuitive. Good design sells,” says Erin Lentz, ArtVersion’s Executive Director of Design. Sharing her thoughts with Muse.World, in a recent featured interview, Lentz shared her design insight and processes that have helped title projects as Vega Digital Awards winners.

In the interview, Lentz delved into the collaborative project with Evention, a Chicago-based SaaS accounting firm, which earned her team three prestigious awards. Highlighting their achievements, she detailed how the project excelled across various categories, including Best Responsive Design for Mobile, Best Art Direction, and Best Visual Design and Function. This collaboration is a notable achievement due to its award-winning status and testament to the team’s innovative approach to design and functionality. Lentz further shared insights into her creative inspirations and the meticulous design processes that guided the website’s design and the company’s branding refresh, offering a glimpse into the strategic thinking and creative excellence that drive her team’s success.

In the interview, she states, “Evention’s brand identity was rejuvenated with a creative design direction that offered a sleek, dynamic visual story and a fin-tech aesthetic to punctuate their services. With careful image and graphical design curation, the cutting-edge feel furthered Evention’s tonality while ensuring compliance with all usability and accessibility standards.”

Through collaboration, ArtVersion can help brands reach new heights in their visual communication and branding engagement. When considering context-of-use for every user and audience, a positive user experience is bound to flourish. “We advocate for the end-users and ultimately create products that people love to use,” states Lentz. “In those collaborations, we are able to share ideas, knowledge, and wisdom. It’s a beautiful feeling to create something important for someone.”

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About ArtVersion:

ArtVersion is a creative agency based in Chicago, known for its expertise in UX/UI design, graphic design, and branding. With a focus on delivering user-centered design solutions, ArtVersion collaborates with clients across various industries to enhance their digital user experience. The agency’s commitment to innovation and design excellence has made it a preferred partner for businesses looking to engage their audiences through compelling digital interfaces.