Celebrating User Experience Design with the 2024 Webby Awards

Earlier this year, ArtVersion was nominated as a Webby Nominee and Honoree. The celebration recognized the team’s work on the Art Is Everywhere website as a commemorative project for the Virginia A. Groot Foundation’s founder.

ArtVersion Webby Award official certificates.

In 2022, the ArtVersion team undertook a brand ecosystem refresh and web redesign for the Virginia A. Groot Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating 3-D artists worldwide by awarding grants to support their artistic endeavors. The foundation’s mission is rooted in the belief that artists should create without limitations, celebrating the livelihood of art. The late founder, Candice B. Groot, championed this ethos by recognizing the necessity for artists to have the means to create freely, alleviating financial barriers.

The Webbys recognized the craft behind the website and named both the ArtVersion team and Virginia A. Groot Foundation nominees and honorees for the award season. The Webby Awards officially recognized the website for:

Webby Nomination for the Website and Mobile Site—Cultural Blog/Website category

Webby Honors for Websites and Mobile Sites—Best Home Page category

Webby Honors for Website and Mobile Sites—Cultural Institutions category

The website was a passion project for the Groot Foundation, brought to life in collaboration with the ArtVersion team, to digitally solidify Candice’s legacy for future generations. ArtVersion created an extensive gallery featuring optimized visual assets of each piece in her collection, spanning over 300 artists. Each art piece was implemented with craft and care, to allow users to appreciate each piece on an individual level, and to evoke the feeling of perusing through an art gallery or museum. The team was privileged to view some of Candice’s collection in person, allowing them to photograph and share these works with the world on the website.

In addition to the extensive gallery, the website includes biographical storytelling to highlight Candice’s impact on the artists around her. ArtVersion conducted interviews with Candice’s family, artists, and others in the art industry to ensure her story was told accurately. The user experience was designed to guide visitors through different pathways of her story, including her childhood, educational career, influence as an artist, and legacy as a philanthropist in the arts.

“We can’t state enough how honored we were to take on this project. Immersing ourselves in the realm of art, and building out the story both narratively and visually was an exciting challenge. On top of that, we’re very grateful to the Webby Awards for recognizing the website, not solely for the work on our part, but for the art that lives on for all to enjoy,” says Petra Campbell, ArtVersion’s Creative Director.

ArtVersion thanks the Webby Awards for recognizing their commitment to creating amazing
user experience.