How can we inspire meaningful consumer engagement or opportunity? Thinking with our eyes has been a revelation for understanding the answer to that question a bit more clearly.

The essence of truly persuasive storytelling is powered by visual brand identity that can serve as a foundation for consumer relatability and intrigue. Often times, brand storytelling stems from delicate or striking imagery that breaks up chunks of text. Graphic design can be a decisive launch point for an emotional connection and a digestible, unified brand voice within the framework of user experience. Customized infographics or illustrations can help pave the way for data visualization.

Katie Re, Brand Strategist at ArtVersion, recently caught up with marketing technology publication MarTech Today on strategies for mastering the basics of visual storytelling.

“For us, it’s how we supply an overall grand narrative with visuals. It’s important to understand the style and tone of the brand itself. It’s also important not to overwhelm the user. Stick to traditional graphics, but make it more interesting visually.”

Katie Re, Brand Strategist at ArtVersion

Katie Re, Brand Strategist at ArtVersion

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