Preserving a Legacy—Fast Co Features ArtVersion in Latest Article

ArtVersion’s Principal Creative Director, Goran Paun, recently sat down with Fast Company to discuss the profound impact of storytelling in website development and design. During the interview, the ArtVersion team elaborated on how they helped the Virginia A. Groot Foundation harness the legacy of its founder through two intricately designed websites. These platforms showcased Candice B. Groot’s significant contributions to the arts but also continued her mission of supporting sculptural artists long after her passing.

Within the feature piece, ArtVersion described the project and how it required a balance of emotional resonance and a robust UX experience to keep users immersed in the story. “ArtVersion has deep expertise in UI/UX design. The team anchors its empathy-driven work on creating human-centered designs that facilitate inclusive user experiences. However, the team understands that great UI/UX alone does not make for websites that move people—stories do.”

The website was a biographical archive of Candice’s collection that commemorated her artistic vision, and the team implemented each art piece manually alongside data entry and more. As expansive as the undertaking was, the team describes that it was a fulfilling website to create, “‘It was incredible working on Candice’s website,” Paun says. “This project was much more than just creating a visually appealing, interactive website. We started connecting to this project on a more emotional level because we wanted her legacy to live so more artists could benefit from it. Candice was an amazing person; we felt like we had met her through all this work. Her impact definitely touched our souls.’” 

The website was nominated for a Webby Award for the website and storytelling aspects of the design, as well as a MUSE Creative Award.

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