Rethinking Brand Strategy in the Age of Customer Experience

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Integrating UX design into marketing and brand strategies generate a viable and impactful connection between a brand and consumer. Shifting the focus to the user when developing a conceptual framework for marketing and branding collaboratively connect a brand, user, and customer experience together. Consumer Perspective  A consumer has a multitude of options that influence purchasing decisions. Gone are the days of just a few resources and outlets to buy a product, but now an…

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Cultivating Digital Trust Through Solid Brand Attributes

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Building trust in the digital environment is a hot topic these days - and for good reason. The key to successful brand building is the presence of brand attributes that actually deliver on their promise, positioned to the right consumer. It is one thing to be interested in a brand, but quite another to become connected and engage with it. The process that converts a prospective customer into a loyal follower is a multi-faceted feat of branding as well as a dedication to…

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