Integrating UX design into marketing and brand strategies generate a viable and impactful connection between a brand and consumer. Shifting the focus to the user when developing a conceptual framework for marketing and branding collaboratively connect a brand, user, and customer experience together.

Consumer Perspective 

A consumer has a multitude of options that influence purchasing decisions. Gone are the days of just a few resources and outlets to buy a product, but now an overwhelming number of providers for multiple different products. Take a task like a grocery shopping. Today, a consumer is presented with so many options from traditional grocery store trips, online pick-up, meal prepped subscriptions and meal delivery services. By creating a brand that speaks directly to a consumer is what builds relationships that continuously bring them back for that product or service to create brand loyalty in the midst of all these options.

“To succeed in today’s hyper-competitive environment, consumer products companies need to employ greater speed and agility to outmaneuver the competition. Because, in a world where consumers are increasingly blurring the lines between online and offline shopping, go-to-market models are evolving fast.” – The future of Customer Engagement and Commerce

Engaging the Consumer 

Releasing general marketing and advertising material that does not speak to a customer persona will fall flat in the current marketplace. Identifying the user journey and purchasing patterns work together with marketing and branding. Creating meaningful content, impactful messaging and personalized experiences are what create a successful user experience

Strategy for Brand and Consumer Behavior 

Consumer behavior is influenced, not bought. Inspiring a consumer to purchase products instead of just simply selling them something. Embracing and implementing a consumer-focused strategy is an ideal approach for the future success of brand loyalty, awareness and sustainability. 

“The company may define its brand promise, but it is the customer who decides whether or not the company delivered on its promise. There’s a lot riding on delivering a positive customer experience.” –Forbes

Adapting and implementing new marketing and branding strategies are impactful for centering a brand approach around brand loyalty, awareness and perceived quality of a product or service work together to create a meaningful user experience that creates impactful collateral and conversions for a brand.