Brand Refresh for Fortune 500 – When Do We Need To Rebrand?

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As a Fortune 500 company, the decision to rebrand is a big decision. The rebranding will involve changing advertising and marketing campaigns for many channels. It'll mean that your visual presentation of your brand will need an overhaul (magazines, billboards, catalogs, business cards, web design, general graphic design, etc.). That's why you need to ensure that you're making the right decision, well thought out for a long term. So the question is: when do you need to rebrand?  1. When…

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Improving Company Culture With an Agile Approach

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More often than not, the means to completing a project with the ideal outcome consists of working with a team. Collaborating can help the process along and help ease ‘stuck spots’ that are bound to arise. Building a team with a variance of individual talents will not only assist in the initial idea creation process, but will allow for specific stakeholders to be accountable for the areas of the work that they most align with. Believe the hype. Though it may feel overused, it should not be…

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