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Green Commitment

Have you ever considered the advantages for your company or organization to work with a “green” supplier – one who implements environmentally friendly practices – on the environment as well as your bottom line?

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As a company, we have made a commitment to do our part in preserving our planet for future generations. As part of this commitment, we have partnered with two of the largest paper manufacturers utilizing recycled energy, wind turbines, and post-consumed cotton fibers in their production processes.This product not only has the excellent quality but often is less expensive than paper produced with trees and synthetically produced fiber sources. We have also developed interactive media catalogs, greatly reducing the need for traditionally printed catalogs and brochures.

This reduction in printing not only impacts our planet in a positive way but also has saved thousands of dollars in printing costs to the organizations with which we have worked. Their end users, many who are “green-oriented” themselves, have been happy to help with the eco-friendly efforts as now the bulky catalog they once had to keep on their bookshelf has been replaced with a convenient and easy to navigate CD. Information is easy to access and easy to store for your customer, printing costs are greatly reduced for your company, and you have made a positive contribution to the environment – everyone wins!

Have you ever thought of ways that you, personally, could implement environmentally friendly practices in your daily life at work?

Does your organization recycle and practice energy conservation? If not, take the initiative!

These efforts can result in a dramatic and positive impact on the bottom line but are often overlooked. Small efforts such as using energy-efficient lighting and recycling all used paper products greatly add up.

Reducing the amount of printing in your promotional efforts, such as using interactive catalogs, magazines, or brochures, can replace the wasteful printing of millions of pages. Interactive material not only adds up to a fraction of the cost of printing but can also be accessed online by millions of visitors without any additional cost to your company. Such materials can also be made interactive – something printed material can’t offer.

You can come in under budget, increase your exposure, show off your products and services in an interactive way, and contribute to the conservation of our planet.

How can I Save One Tree?

Recycle – not only paper but also plastics and glass. This not only allows for their reuse but also reduces the millions of pounds of these materials that end up in landfills each year.

  • Use Reusable Energy – Utilize wind turbines and solar energy sources whenever possible.
  • Conserve Energy – Practice simple efforts like turning out lights or electrical devices when they are not in use and conserve your use of water.

How can my company Save One Tree this year?

Many companies increased their emphasis on the environment and “turned green” last year. Many more will do so this year. As technology changes, it provides us with more and more ways to help conserve. Interactive websites and catalogs, such as this one, are a perfect example of one of these ways. By allowing consumers to access information and print only what is applicable or needed by them, you can save thousands in printing costs and thousands of pages will not be wastefully printed, as much of these unneeded pages will either not be seen by the customer or end up in the trash.

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