Green Commitment

Have you ever considered the advantages for your company or organization to work with a “green” supplier – one who implements environmentally friendly practices – on the environment as well as your bottom line?

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For Today, For the Future

Environmental Equilibrium

As a company, we are committed to doing our part in preserving and upholding the sustainability and longevity of our planet for generations to come. As part of this commitment, we have partnered with two of the largest paper manufactures utilizing recycled energy, wind turbines, and re-processed cotton fibers. This product has excellent quality and is often less expensive than paper produced with trees and synthetically produced fiber sources.

We have also developed interactive media catalogs, significantly reducing the need for traditionally printed catalogs and brochures. In 2011 ArtVersion adopted a “paperless” policy where we were able to eliminate all traditional administrative paperwork by moving it into a digital form. That includes job applications, printed checks, production logs, tickets, receipts, as well as eliminating “fax” in favor of email communications.

In 2020 we made an additional effort in finding data centers and server hosting providers with distributed energy usage and utilization of wind turbines and solar energy. When feasible to the project at hand, we work favorably towards these solutions.

Our Dedicated Declaration

Why ArtVersion Has Taken on a Green Initiative:

  • To uphold our belief in our ethical duty to protect the planet and its ecosystems for future generations
  • To highlight the global responsibility of waste reduction while simultaneously saving our company thousands of dollars in printing expenses
  • To reinvest funds on modernizing technologies for long-term carbon-offset participation
  • To demonstrate the celebration of web design and online collateral development with interactive interfaces that cannot be captured in printed forms—a testament to the intertwinement of sustainability and innovation

Collective Responsibility

How Can Your Company Contribute?

We recognize that companies are at different stages in their sustainability journey, but we also recognize the urgent need to implement transformations. Many organizations increased their emphasis on the environment and “turned green” in the last few years. Many more will do the same in upcoming years. As technology changes, it provides us with more ways to help sustainability. Don’t be afraid to lead the change. Work with your team to come up with comprehensive plans and educational material that all your departments can access. Use environmentally friendly vendors and partners and try to offset your carbon footprint by utilizing a carbon footprint calculator.

We had an opportunity to collaborate and work closely with Climate Interactive, an organization that creates and shares tools that drive effective and equitable climate action. Scientific tools, models and simulators are available on their website for everyone to use and create an impact within their community for generations to come.

Simplicity & Elegance

We design esthetically pleasing, elegant & engaging, interactive websites that truly represent your company image, culture & philosophy.

Purposeful Design

It's all about branding and intelligent use of images, infographics, illustrations, icons, graphs, and layouts to communicate ideas that sell products or services.

We are a creative agency, we help brands become more visible!

Responsive web design is the process of arranging the layout in a way that all the content is displayed in an optimized way on any device.