We understand that landing pages and microsites seem like basically the same thing. They have similar purpose and design. There are some key differences that we will get into in terms of use and marketing purposes but first lets define each…

Landing Pages

Landing pages are usually a one-page creation is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on an advertisement.  Landing pages are created on the main page but used either as a pop up before you reach the home page or linked from a 3rd party advertisement such as a google ad.  They focus on a single or one particular offer with the purpose of having the visitor to take advantage of that particular offer. Landing pages are sometimes called lead capture vehicles, landing pages are used primarily for “direct” marketing programs. Here are a few examples of direct marketing programs; pay per click search engine marketing, direct mail, print advertising, etc. Well-designed landing pages are critical to the success of these campaigns, and the most creative of marketers use and test hundreds of different landing pages in order to optimize conversion rates.


Microsites typically consist of a cluster of web pages and are used for a variety of purposes:

Microsites are a  great way to independently market a new product, because the primary company website may leave the product underexposed.  In many cases microsites, like landing pages, are designed to convert the site visitor into a lead, but that lead capture is handled through a more content-heavy approach. An additional benefit to building a microsite is enhanced search engine optimization opportunities. Microsites are typically housed on a domain separate from the primary company website and contain sometimes dozens of pages of topic-specific content, setting the stage for high organic search rankings.

Most sophisticated marketers will have a need to use both microsites and landing pages somewhere along the way.  If you’re trying to choose for a particular project or campaign, your decision factors should include:

  • Marketing campaign objectives
  • Budget
  • Content

Microsites are a great way to isolate focus on a product, event and brand because they stand alone from the original website and therefore could be treated separate in terms of marketing and how a visitor would view the marketing. When sending a visitor to a landing page they are build on your main website so it still gives the opportunity for visitors to loose attention or value that you are trying to create.

The reality is a creative marketing team will find reasons to use both. If you need help creating either a landing page or a microsite you can contact the ArtVersion team.