Annual Reports

Annual reports.

Annual reports are designed to present financial information, based on the past fiscal year, to stockholders and investors. As the year begins to wind down have you neglected to create a design that will amaze your target audience.

When designing your annual report, you should present a design that is unique as well as different from your competitors, but still presents your organizations brand and your industry markets. Your design should have integrated content that is well balanced. Well balanced content will keep your investors and stockholders, along with your target audience, engaged throughout the entire report. Infographics are an exceptional way to present information throughout the whole report. These graphics allow numerical information to be presented in a less formal, interesting, manner, which is visually appealing for the reader. Infographics also balance and integrate your content within the design.

Annual reports do not have to just be straight forward financial material. Do not be afraid to get personal in your report. Many feel that they are being personal when they present a letter from their CEO, President or CFO; however, this is not the case. Letters from your top executives should always appear in your reports, no matter the circumstance. To be personal in your annual report, you should present stories from your current employees about their jobs and how it has affected them. Stories and quotes from employees will present an emotional appeal to your target audience. This will help grasp your audience and leave them wanting more.

Today many organizations are strictly using digital outlets to display their corporate material. Although the digital age is well upon us, it is still appropriate to use print materials for your reports. Many believe that their packages and envelopes do not need to provide any design elements to them, which is not true. The first thing your audience is going to see when they receive your report in the mail is the package/envelope that it comes in. The package design should be an eye opening display, which will want the reader to open your report right away. The aspects of the package should reflect the design of your report, while displaying attributions of your brand for audience recognition.

Annual reports should present more than just your corporate financial background. They should be an open door into organization’s livelihood and everyday routines.