Web Content Matters Too
A great web design can only go so far in keeping customers on your site.  The design starts with colors, logos, buttons, etc.  Meetings on color choices become a top priority, and then all the sudden the design is perfect and the words are nowhere to be found.

A well designed website still needs to have great copy.  There are so many facets to good copy.  From a great landing page to an up to date About Us page, content will inform the choices of your visitors.

It is easier to grow your business by increasing your conversion rates than by increasing your web traffic.  In other words, if you only have 10 visitors, but your copy compels 9 of them to buy your product, that’s still better than 100 visitors, where nobody buys anything.

Which means every page of your website needs to have engaging and effective copy.  It needs to drive action and show every visitor why they need your service/product.

It may seem like a tall order, but it really is worth putting the time and effort into getting right.  We always recommend having an outsider who has no real knowledge of your business answer the following questions:

  • Are they able to explain exactly what the site is selling?
  • Do they find it easy to make a purchase or get in contact with the site owners?
  • After reading the content do they have an urge to purchase?

Just the answer to those three questions will give any site owner a deeper vision of what visitors are responding to when they see and interact with website design and content.