Good Website Design

In today’s web-focused society, most people visit multiple websites a day.  When they happen upon a really well designed site, they know it.  But what makes that site work?  What are the qualities of great website design?

A lot of good website design has to do with visual elements.  It’s the same idea as great interior decorating.  You want the space to flow well, work together, and have some interesting visual elements to it.  While the design won’t necessarily affect the product, it will keep customers around to explore what you are offering and potentially make a sale.

Bold colors, a great logo, and quality graphics will go a long way toward providing a web design that inspires confidence in visitors.

Additionally, the site needs to be easy to navigate.  Large buttons, calls to action, and a strong, organized layout will all add to providing an more intuitive and smooth customer experience.  It will also lend itself to a more professional look and feel.

There are many qualities that go into a great web design.  We only reached the tip of the iceberg in this post.  Start thinking about why you like a website when you come across it.  What about that site pulls you in and satiates your critical eye?