Don’t Forget The User In Your E-commerce Web Design

A blurred photo of people walking around a train station.

If you think web design for your website is all about your company, you’re only partially right. Of course, you want to sell your brand and make the strongest possible impression, but successful eCommerce web development demands a strong focus on site users. And, success is what it’s all about.

When we design for the web, we pay particular attention to the user experience and user needs. That means creating an eCommerce website that integrates a user interface design that is functional, reliable and, above all, comfortable for the end user.

Building a user interface design means including all the elements users want and need to complete particular   tasks. You’re already familiar with your products, their specifications and your ability to ship them. Your visitors aren’t. They’re going to need that information provided repeatedly every time they visit. A web catalog or shopping cart isn’t for you, but for your customers.

Customers want to buy from companies they like and trust so you want more than just the basic contact information. Your eCommerce website design should include a corporate blog that provides insight into company operations or details about new products. It’s also best to have forms that go to the attention of specific personnel or departments rather than a faceless auto-responder.

What your company sees and uses on its website is only half the equation when it comes to eCommerce web design. What your visitor sees counts just as much.