Website Design
When counseling clients on how to build their customer base, increase sales, and cater to their customers, we almost always start at the very beginning: web site design.  It is a building block of any successful company — especially in this web-saturated marketplace.  Without a beautiful web design, businesses are forfeiting a large segment of their customer base and failing to showcase their unique capabilities.

The truth about small to mid sized business web sites is they can’t just be on the Internet, they need to have a WOW factor.  A web site is no longer just a forum to impart product info, it is now an extension of your company’s brand and success.

When you go to your company’s website, ask yourself the tough questions.  Is this a site if I clicked on, I’d want to come back to again and again?  Does this showcase my company’s capabilities?  Dose it represent my brand? Does my website give relevant and focused information?

If the answer to these above questions is not a resounding yes, it may be time to think about if it is working for or against your company and if the answer is against, it may be time to consider a website re-design.

Here are the top five traits a successfully designed web site should have:

  • A beautiful and branded look
  • Easy buttons for purchase and navigation (do not make your visitors work to buy from you)
  • An easy-to-follow layout
  • Concise and informative information
  • An easy way to contact your company

Do not let the chance to wow your customers, increase your brand recognition, and ramp up sales be a check on your to-do list.  Make web design a top priority and we can almost guarantee you’ll see an increase in traffic, along with an increase of sales both on and offline.