Many of our clients come to us for help with branding.  However, not all of them understand how important design is to branding.  We find ourselves having the same conversation with enough of our branding clients that we feel it’s appropriate to address it here on this blog.  We want to help companies who are starting a branding initiative understand what goes into branding through graphics, and what you should expect to get out of a branding campaign.

Branding is not just about recognition, it is also about the following goals:

– Delivering a clear message
– Confirming your credibility
– Creating loyalty
– Connecting with your customers

But the biggest component is convincing potential customers that you are the best person for the job.

None of these goals are possible with an unprofessional design with meaningless designed elements.  Potential customers will look at your brand and imagine how much sloppier their finished product will look.

Graphic design goes into so much of brand building.  From the style you chose, to how it is executed, to your logo, your product packaging design, and so on. This is true for both online and print initiatives.  It will be very important to bring your branding through all mediums of communication with customers.  Once you have a strong design in place, it needs to be carried consistently across all your marketing materials. Everything from your letterhead to your email signature to your PowerPoint presentations should have your brand attached to it.

Make sure the brand you choose to define your company speaks to who your company is, to what you represent, and what you can offer.

Strong branding isn’t about being a marketing genius, it’s just about making smart decisions and utilizing powerful graphic design elements.