Listening is more important than talking on social networks.

I wanted to make a short blog to begin this week because I’ve been bothered by this one subject that keeps coming up with all my clients.  They all want to know the best way to blast their message or they are only concerned with what they should say on twitter and facebook.  I’ve been in meetings with a few larger clients the last few weeks but this also pertains to any size business. The last 100 years besides focus groups marketers and all businesses never had an effective tool to LISTEN to their consumers. Social media is the first time in history where marketing people can listen and learn what their consumers think of their product and their competition. That should make any large corporate marketing teams jaw drop or mouth water. These conversations can be searched, collected, studied and also you can directly write to any consumer who posted them on the web.

While consulting a restaurant owner client of mine I told him I wrote a few of the bad reviewers on YELP and invited them back to dinner. Only 2 of the 4 agreed to come back. The owner was furious he was like I don’t want to serve those a**wholes.  He was thinking old school. This was our chance to correct mistakes, learn and make a second impression which pre-social media we would have lost their business for ever. They ended up enjoying their meal and apologizing for the bad review and the owner even stopped by to shake their hand and buy them a drink. They have even gone back to write better reviews.

My challenge to all business in the future using social media to understand the listening and engaging with your community is much for valuable then “shoving” your message down their throat. Use these platforms to HUMANIZE your business and build long lasting relationships.