Mobile browsing has become the fastest way for consumers to access the web. As the mobile world continues to grow more and more consumers are strictly using mobile devices to purchases items rather than taking the time to fire up their computers. By 2013 mobile devices will pass PCs and become the dominate format for accessing the web. Furthermore, the question you should be asking is if your e-Commerce site is set up for the mobile use?

E-commerce websites are setup for companies to promote as well as sell their products to consumers without having them call or go into one of the designated store locations. The web world is now expanding into mobile devices, and having a site that supports your commerce and is appropriately displayed on mobile devices is becoming crucial for companies to have. When establishing a mobile commerce (m-Commerce) site there are a couple different approaches companies can choose from, these choices consist of: mobile applications, dedicated mobile sites and responsive web design (RWD).

Mobile applications are an exceptional way to setup your m-Commerce site for mobile use. These applications permit users to download your site straight to their mobile home screen, allowing them to bypass mobile web browsers. Mobile applications are great for reoccurring customers; this is because the applications will store all of the user’s information, they also allow users to access your m-commerce store with just a click of a button. Applications may also become very stressful for users; this is because anytime you decided to update your site the user will have to download an update to get the new experience.

Dedicated Mobile sites are similar to applications, but must be viewed on a mobile web browser. Like applications dedicated sites display a completely different view than your main website, but they present the information in a less complex manner providing users a simpler way to view content on smaller displays. Users who view dedicated mobile sites do not have to download any updates when you decided it is appropriate to upgrade your m-Commerce site. Just like applications, dedicated mobile sites can only provide so much information, which limits the amount of content you are able to present to users.

When it comes to change many companies to do not want to change, they also do not want to run multiple sites for multiple platforms because it doubles the amount of time being used during the upkeep phases. The solution to this problem is responsive web design (RWD). RWD is a design platform built on a flexible grid pattern that adjusts to the screen size it is being displayed on. When establishing an m-Commerce site most will say that they will want it to mirror their already existing e-Commerce without the frustration from pinching, pulling, zooming or extensive scroll on the end user’s part. Mirroring your e-Commerce site for m-Commerce can be difficult if you choose the options of mobile application or dedicated mobile sites, however, with RWD you will achieve that perfect mirrored display, without any hassle or frustration, and will come easy for mobile users. RWD allows you to only establish one site for all different platforms, presenting all your content and media to appear exactly the same on any devices as it you on your desktop screen.

The mobile world is taking over and everyday more and more potential customers are using mobile devices to purchases items instead of firing up computers. With an array of options to choose from for your m-Commerce site you should think about which one would be the perfect fit for not only your company but your target audience as well.