Blog Design
Blog design is fast becoming one of the most important design aspects of a website.
As more companies begin to use blogging as a platform to communicate with customers, the design of the blog is becoming more and more important to the overall feel of the site.

The key is not to think of your blog as the ugly stepsister to your website, but to think of it as a part of your website. It needs to have the same overall feel of the website as a whole. It also needs to be interesting and engaging, in order to keep visitors on the blog, absorbing and interacting with your content.

Here are a few ways to make a blog design interesting and engaging:

1. Use different fonts

There is no law that says your side bar, headline, and article fonts all need to be the same. Experiment with different fonts in different spots and see if your eye is more or less engaged. Also, try fonts that you don’t normally see on a website. Times New Roman and Ariel are not the only fonts available. Just make sure if you try something different that it is still extremely readable. Nothing will scare a reader away faster than not being able to make out the words.

2. Go with an unconventional layout

The traditional blog layout is still very popular and very effective, but for companies who are trying to push the boundaries a bit and make their blog interesting and different, the magazine layout is becoming popular. This is simply a blog layout with multiple columns. It’s effective for blogs that want to post more than one thing a day or have more than one topic they cover.

3. Use white space appropriately

A big trend right now is leaving as much white space as possible. It helps keep the blog clean looking and puts the emphasis on the parts of the site that aren’t white, rather than bogging down the readers’ eyes with unneeded graphics.

Are you thinking of designing or re-designing a blog with any of these ideas in mind?