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I have been interviewed today by Agatha Kubalski
Chicago Small Business Strategies Examiner

Goran Paun, creative director at Art Version, a Chicagoland graphic design and web development agency located in Northfield, is a long-time user of “This is not your typical forum, it’s really a gathering of usable information, that particularly small business owners can find useful and learn from,” says Paunovic.

Originally launched in 2007, Open Forum is an online forum and networking hub for small business owners created by American Express. The site re-launched this past summer and is full of resources including insights, ideas, and the opportunity to connect and network with other businesses.

“The site is a tremendous tool, but you have to know how to use it. You have to reach out and connect with people. Similar to any other social media tool, you can’t just sit around and not participate,” says Paunovic.

Although the site was initially designed exclusively for OPEN card holders, American Express recently entered into a strategic partnership with LinkedIn to make Open Forum and its resources accessible to professionals on the business networking site, whether they’re card members or not….

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