At ArtVersion we know how important your website is to your overall business model.  We try to understand how you connect to customers, communicate with customers, and we know how important it is for your audience to be able to find your web site. But what about those potential customers who have never heard of you before, but need exactly what you offer? Will your website be easy for them to find?

Unless you are aware of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you are missing a crucial part of your Internet marketing.

So what exactly is SEO? In the most layman terms possible, SEO is the optimization of web pages, which allows search engines to locate the sites faster and easier. Basically it’s the difference between appearing on the first page of Google, or the 15th.

When we build websites at ArtVersion, we make sure to use SEO friendly code, follow current web 2.0 standards, incorporate search engine optimized images, optimized text, and meta data information.  We do everything we can to position your site to succeed.

You want a lot of traffic coming to your site, but more importantly, you want traffic coming to your site that is searching specifically for your products or services. An optimized site allows targeted traffic to find your website using keywords that are crucial to your business.

While we know how important SEO is, we also know that appealing to the search engines isn’t everything.  We make sure that our web sites appeal not only to Google, but to customers as well. Make sure that your site is looks good to both search engines and potential customers.  Turn viewers into sales by using SEO to your fullest advantage.

Posted from: Official ArtVersion Chicago Web Design Office