Open-Source technology is the difference between Apple and Google. It’s the difference between being able to have access to the software you are using or not. For us, open source technology is advantageous for our clients, and we use it exclusively. Code that is open to the public has less bugs, as there are more people monitoring it, and it’s a collaborative effort, which means the best technologies comes out on top almost every time.

Additionally, there are lower software development costs. There are no licensing fees, and minimal maintenance fees. Open source platforms are usually accessible via CMS (Content Management System) backend, which allows administrators to modify pages, add new content or menu items, as well as upload photos and graphics through the backend of the system. The main benefit is that no special software installation is required and it is accessible through any computer with Internet connection via your favorite web browser.

When developing sites for our customers, using open source technologies cuts the development time, allowing us to complete the work faster and use modules and plugins with fewer bugs and the ability to upgrade in the future.

We want our customers to have access to full code. While it is still a debate for some over open vs. closed technology, we know where we stand on the issue. Open technology is a cost effective and time saving trick we use to make our clients’ businesses run better while keeping it in budget.

Not all open-source platforms are the same. Each one is more suitable to specific jobs based on overall requirements and final goals. We usually guide our clients and help them select right platform, something that will serve its purpose for many years to come. It is always more economical to make the right decisions in beginning of the project, then having to “reinvent the wheel” down the road.

Selecting appropriate open-source platform in combination with a meaningful and carefully designed user interface, gives substantial longevity of the platform. This is something that will work for your company for many years to come.

Posted from: ArtVersion Chicago Web Design and Development Office