Email Direct Marketing
We know companies are always on the look out for inexpensive ways of communicating with their customers.  Today we’re here to explain email marketing, which is a form of direct marketing, it’s just less expensive and more effective.

If your company hasn’t jumped on the email direct marketing bandwagon, it’s time to start.  You can use email marketing to:

  • communicate with current customers
  • reach potential customers
  • send promotional offers
  • enhance customer service
  • immediately respond to events with pictures and feedback
  • and so much more…

However you decide to use email marketing, there is one lesson every company needs to learn: brand yourself.  When utilizing email marketing, make the investment and send your message on a custom template designed specifically for your brand.  Your email message needs to be consistent with your website and printed materials, and it needs to employ your logo.  One could argue that the branding of the email is as important as the message itself.

Why is this so important?  People get many, many emails a day.  In order to stand out and be memorable, you need to be connected with your overall brand.  You wouldn’t send out a company letter unless it was on printed stationary, so don’t make the mistake with email.

In addition to making certain your email is branded, put effort into sending a unique, relevant, and vibrant message.  Sending the actual email is so much less expensive than most other forms of communication, so put in that added value of a well thought-out, well designed message that resonates and accomplishes its goal.