Custom Icon design
is often overlooked when considering your website. Creating a unique user experience with eye-catching custom icons is a great way to hook your user’s attention while browsing your web page. Design is all about communication: it doesn’t matter how important or exciting the information that you’re sharing if you fail to capture the attention of your guests. When initially viewing a website, most users will first scan your page for visually interesting content, and only after something grabs their attention will they actually begin reading. Icons are a simple, effective way to draw users into the content of your website.

custom iconography

The main purpose of using icons is to help your user soak up the information more efficiently. The best method of implementing this practice is done by using a lot of space and using icons that don’t sidetrack from the content but rather enhance it. Using icons well enriches even minimal content by giving it more substance, enabling effective communication without having to use more text. Icons should be used to draw attention to your content, not to diminish or replace it.

Custom icons play a big role in web 2.0 web design. People no longer need all the long-winded explanations of your business or company like first thought when creating websites in the early 2000’s. People want to get the most relevant information as fast as possible and they want visually appealing websites that point them in the right direction. Custom Icons are a great way to enhance the branding and experience of your site.

Custom Icons can be created to isolate important information on your website. If you’re a company launching a new product or service you can build a custom icon to put on your home page that catches people’s eyes so they click on the icon leading them to your page with your new content.

Think of newer products such as iPhones, androids and iPads they are based on custom icons for the products and applications they use. This is sort of the main point moving forward custom icons will continue to play a morally crucial role in our web experience.

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