When it comes to using icons for business, most companies turn to stock icons for convenience. These icons can be found on many free graphics websites and can generally get the job done. But if your intent is to capture the attention of your audience and impress them, you want to go with custom icons design. Your visual presentation speaks volumes about your value and uniqueness as a company. Getting proper custom icon design is an important element in your visual presentation and should not be overlooked.

Icons are used in everything from brochures, PowerPoint presentations, websites, product/service descriptions, to applications. You may think that going with custom icon design may be overdoing it but you really have to think about how the icon fits into your branding. In order to represent your brand in the best possible way, you want to have your icons mimic elements of your brand. This can include anything from the colors, font, style and design.

By using icons that fit into the visual aspects of your brand, you create a more cohesive presentation. You can’t assume that a stock icon will be overlooked. People will generally be able to tell that you used a stock icon by simply looking at it. Most stock icons are basic, dull and recognizable for the wrong reasons (they’ve been used too much). Stock icons can also clash with your brand’s visual presentation and really seem out of place.

Custom icons are also vital if you need icons to design an application. Your goal should be to create the best user interface and user experience for your application. The icons in your app will really be one of the main elements that bridge the gap to the user. For example, icons can be used to make the app feel intuitive. When you look at popular apps, you’ll see that they are typically used to represent a relevant function or direction in the app. The unique icons in apps also set them apart from competing apps.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should never use stock icons. Stock icons can come in handy if you want to use a few graphic elements for a simple PowerPoint presentation in the office. However, you have to remember that if your goal is to grab attention and leave an impression, custom icons will add the extra visual elements you need to make your visual presentations truly unique.