The Open Source Experience

Open Source Experience

When establishing your website, finding a host that allows for open source back ends, may be very difficult. In today’s world, many organizations do not even own the rights to their website. Does your organization, have full rights over your current website, or are you currently locked in an uncontrollable contract with your current host.

When many, think about the user experience, they never think about all the elements that are put into effect, to create such an amazing time for the end-user. Without an open sourced platform, behind your website, you may not be able to create that one of kind user experience, you were hoping for. Many times, when sites are built on closed source platforms, they limit the amount of items organizations can implement, on their own site, which limits the complete experience for the end-user, in the long run.

Open source platforms, allow you to plug in anything, you can image, to create that first-class, award-winning user experience. Having the ability to own your website and update, as well as change, the site whenever you want to, will allow you to please your target audience, by giving them what they want when they want it.

Having the freedom, to change anything on your website whenever you please, will create not only a better experience, for your target audience, but also create a more enjoyable experience for yourself when establishing things on the backend. Your website deserves to be one of a kind, break out of your old hosting contracts, and develop a free open website on an open source platform.