When I consult many corporate professionals and businesses on networking online they all only talk about LinkedIn.  I agree with them that LinkedIn is a great tool for networking. It allows you to target key people in a business that you want to engage with and creates an opportunity to contact them.  It’s even more powerful if you get the paid service.

The problem with LinkedIn is that it makes you feel like a starving artist trying to storm a corporate meeting to get your demo heard.  It still feels like there are too many gatekeepers, walls to climb, it feels stiff and hard to break through the ice and like the starving artist if you say something wrong or catch someone on a bad day they throw you out.

We all know that the best business is done on the golf course, at the bar or in a setting more relaxed than the corporate boardroom. That’s why I tell my executives to get on Twitter.

Twitter is where you find the same VP’s, Label heads, CEO’s except on Twitter they are now in the bar, tied un-tucked having beer and mingling.  All you have to do is strike a conversation. Twitter in my opinion is the single most important place to be for any business professional looking to create new business.  Not only can you grow your own personal brand on Twitter but unlike any other network but you can build relationships with people on a much higher level.  We all know in business relationships are everything.

But what separates Twitter from all other networks and makes it my crown jewel in social media is search.twitter.com and the ability to listen. I’ll go into more detail on this in my next blog…

Kip Russell – Artversion.com

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