Keeping visitors on a website is the ultimate goal of any website owner. After all, it can be disheartening to look at Google Analytics and see you had 50 visitors, only 4 of whom spent more than a few minutes looking at your site. You work hard to bring them to your site, but you have to work hard to keep them there as well.

Here are three ways to keep eye on your site.

Frequently Updated Content

Providing updated content is a great way to keep visitors from leaving. Some of your visitors will be repeat visitors; by having a blog or new graphics, those who have been to your site before will stick around for a while to peruse what’s new. Additionally, for those who are new, they will stay for longer since you will have more content for them to interact with.

Interactive Design

Engaging design goes a long way toward keeping visitors on your site. Give visitors a design that is professional and pleasing to the eye.

Think about if you were going to a client meeting for the first time. You’d dress up, make sure your hair looks nice, and be ready to hold entertaining conversations, or at least informative conversations. This is the same concept as website design. Just as a person is more likely to stay at a meeting if they find the person attractive and interesting, website visitors are more likely to stay if they find your site attractive and interesting.

Added Value

This is an aspect of websites that many business owners often overlook. However, it can be very powerful in terms of positioning your site as an “expert” site.

The basic idea is to have links to reports, training videos, other helpful blog posts, etc. You are adding value by giving your reader more than just your information, and you will become a go-to site for readers who remember your site was home to valuable information and want to learn more.

What are some techniques you employ to keep your eyes on your site for longer?