A Plan to Launch: Strategic Mobile App Design

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A great idea, enthusiastic innovators, a solid development team, and a great UI design. It may seem simple to gather the core elements of a winning mobile app, however, the result is only as good as the makers behind it. A creative and strategic team must ideate and collaborate from concept to launch in order to deliver the most optimal user experience possible. With that first-of-its-kind idea in place, the journey and design are the next most important factors at hand. Sticking to a set of…

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A Tailored Approach: Personalization and Customization in UX Design

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In the realm of user experience, customization has long been the gold standard that users have come to expect in their interactions. Increasingly, those customized experiences are being tasked to take a step further into a more personalized product. This shift is driven by the need to offer the most tailored experience that expressly serves the need of the targeted user set, and further - can become a different experience for each individual user based on dialing in their own settings. The…

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