Flat Design: The Solution For Improved Usability?

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As competition between brands grows fierce within the digital space, the focus on user experience has become more prominent than ever before. In web design, the visual elements play an active role in supporting the user journey. Various design techniques often emerge and, along with creating more attractive interfaces, prove influential in a user's decision-making process. Flat design is one trend that stands out in responsive web design, focusing on improving the functionality and…

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Here’s What’s Working in Web Design Today

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Web design has come a long way over the last few years. What used to be accepted as normal can actually be something that makes you blend in with the masses rather than helping you stand out. That’s why you need to know what is working today to be relevant to your audience. So without further ado, here is a list of what design trends businesses are having success with and why. 1. Unique Web Typography The last font you should use is arial on your website. Not only is it hard to read on mobile…

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What’s Trending in UI: A Designer’s Perspective

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Trends within the user interface landscape change rapidly as new ideas and innovations occur - so it’s critical to stay on top of whats new. Some new trends in the industry are brand new trials; others embrace the older and well-used methods, tweaking them slightly to adapt within the interface and new technological advancement. The following are some of the new (and critical) elements that have caught the eye of ux/ui designers industrywide. As always, with new ideas and implementations,…

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