Web design has come a long way over the last few years. What used to be accepted as normal can actually be something that makes you blend in with the masses rather than helping you stand out. That’s why you need to know what is working today to be relevant to your audience. So without further ado, here is a list of what design trends businesses are having success with and why.

1. Unique Web Typography

The last font you should use is arial on your website. Not only is it hard to read on mobile devices, it is too aged and makes your site seem dated. Instead, you want to use unique font in your headers. For the actual content, you want something that is clean, neat, and visible. Aim for typography with some personality. If it fits with the look and theme of the website, it’ll be even better.

2. Minimalist Web Design

Providing the user with a simple presentation that’s well designed provides some much needed eye relief. Most websites pack the design with multiple navigation menus, widgets, social media buttons, and multimedia. Minimalist design does away with all that and focuses only on what’s necessary. Unfortunately, it may not be a relevant design for all websites, but it’s still something you can learn from and apply to even an eommerce site.

3. Use of More In-Content Images

More websites are using images in the content to provide a picture to the story. Images are great because they draw the eye and keep the reader’s attention throughout a piece of content. It is important that these images are optimized for mobile devices to be load-time friendly and also for them to be relevant to the content. There are many websites that misuse images by using non relevant images or by using cheesy stock photos to grab the reader’s attention. However, that can often confuse many readers and even turn off more savvy users.

4. Story Driven Web Design

Whether it’s parallax design, a multimedia presentation or an infographic, presenting your website in a story driven manner is an incredibly effective way to wow users. A story can communicate your message clearly, logically and emotionally whether you’re trying to explain the features/benefits of your product, tell your brand story, or explain complex concepts. It’s usually a better approach than trying to deliver the message in the traditional editorial or professional style.

5. Flat Design

Flat design does away with 3D effects and presents everything with flat colors, simple elements and eye popping typography. Just imagine taking the gloss away from that whole web 2.0 icon and you’ll start to get an idea of what flat design is all about. Flat design simply looks good because it’s clean, easy to understand, and gives off sort of a retro feel.

These are just some of the trends that are working for websites. Not only do they give your website a unique identity, they also help keep readers engaged so that they actually explore it. These concepts have been used for a few years now and it seems like they are here to stay for the long haul.