UI stands for user interface which is the interaction between a human and a digital product. This includes any way a person might interact including a screen, mouse, touch pad, and more. As people rely more on computers, companies have to focus more on user interface.

A UX designers works in studio on a laptop.

Are You Experienced?

It is one thing to deliver a great product, but can you back it up with a total brand experience? Industry research leader (Gartner) predicted that by 2016, 89...

Dominos that spell out SEO.

Building Site Architecture for Better SEO

People use the internet for everything, infusing it into brand strategy and necessary for everyday collaboration and client communication. Websites have become a crucial point for brands, providing...

Web Interface Design.

Dedicated Mobile vs. Responsive Web Design

In every great area of technology, there are always two platforms, which are always portrayed as battling, to become the number one platform being used. Today, that battle...

Social media and UX design on mobile.

Social Media and the User Experience

Social media is not only becoming the forerunner, it is also becoming the easiest way, for organizations to connect and establish feedback, from their target audience. For many...

Branding signage that reads "What Is Your Story?"

Branding Through the User Interface

New advances in branding are popping up every day, as more marketing strategies and techniques are being introduced to the public, it is becoming easier and easier for...