Social media is not only becoming the forerunner, it is also becoming the easiest way, for organizations to connect and establish feedback, from their target audience. For many organizations, getting involved in social media is something new; however, most of them have already taken the plunge into the social networking world. Although, you have already set up your social sites, have you neglected to integrate them with your already existing user experience?

Social media networks have opened an array of doors, with a mass amount of tools, for marketing strategies, for organizations’ to expand their brand. Organizations’ that are willing to utilize social sites, are now able to virtually receive any type of feedback, from their target audience, at any given second, without any vigorous planning, on their part.  These sites, not only allow you to interact, with the given audience you choose to cooperate with, they also allow you to promote, advertise, and market all your products and services, in a cost effective manner. Internet marketing is becoming, the fastest, as well as cost effective, way to market your brand, with social sites allowing organizations to advocate their brand, through their pages; internet marketing is becoming the strongest marketing platform.

The idea of the user experience comes from the reaction the end-user feels, after interacting with an organization’s user interface, on their main website. When, many hear the term user experience, they strictly think of a website’s user interface, they never bring into factor, the other internet components that organizations utilize, such as social media networks.

When Design your user Interface, to have a high-quality user experience, do not forget to integrate your social pages, within your interface, to provide a more exceptional experience. Allowing your audience to interact with their social pages, straight from your website, will not only establish a more extraordinary experience, it will also provide a more comfortable experience, for your end-user, as well as boost your marketing strategies.  Having social feeds, on your site, will keep your audience aware and in tuned, to provide them insight to what you are posting on your social sites.  Adding share buttons, will allow your target audience to extend their user experience, from your website, to other social media members, allowing your target audience to grow and expand.

Organizations who take advantage of the tools, which social media sites provide, and add them to their user interface, will create a first-class user experience for the end-user. Expanding the user experience, to allow for social sites, will provide a growth in your target audience as well as a larger return on your investments.