5 Important Questions to Ask When Working on a Website

The process that goes into creating a website can be very organic and alive. Certain web design elements might seem right at the beginning of a project that need tweaking by the end. What you originally imagine in your mind doesn’t always end up being the end product. However, that doesn’t mean you can jump into a project with a fuzzy vision of the what the end will look like. Knowing the answers to the follow questions will help make sure you end up with a website that fits your needs:

1. Can you describe your target audience (i.e. average age, special interests, income level, education level)?

Understanding who you are designing for can make a huge difference in the type of website that is created. An older audience will need a very simple navigation, while if you’re designing for teens, everything will need to be innovative and intense to keep them interested.

2. What is the core purpose of your website? Is it entertainment, sales, brand recognition, improve internal communication, reduce customer service calls, increase perspective client base?

The content of your site will depend heavily on the answer to this question. Creating a site to entertain is very different than creating a site for perspective clients.

3. What is the primary message you wish to convey?

This is very hard for some people to answer, and we really suggest you put a lot of thought into it. Is it one of creativity? Power? Expertise?

4. What kind of interactivity will your site need?

Website interactivity is allowing viewers to engage with your website rather than just read it. Starbucks does a great job with their site, as does the Harry Potter site. Take a look at these successful sites and decide if you would like something so interactive as well.

5. What are a few examples of sites you like and why?

Knowing which sites you like and why will help you figure out what you want to see on your own site. If you enjoy the toned down look of a minimalist site or are obsessed with the rotating photos of a flashy site, that can help made decisions on which way you’d like your own site to look.

These are only a few of the important questions you want to ask yourself and convey to your web designer before starting to design your website. Take the time to really think about them and you’ll reap the benefits.