In today’s society, people are accessing the Internet via a multitude of devices including handheld ones. Due to the popularity of surfing the web on such devices as smartphones and tablets, many businesses are investing in responsive web design as this helps make websites flexible in their formats.

When web designers create a website, they benefit from using a set of techniques which are known as responsive web design. These techniques allow both the images and layouts of web pages to be viewable on a variety of different types of devices. It is always important to consider using this type of web design before creating a website so that consumers all over the world who use different types of devices will easily be able to view it; this of course helps to maximize the website usability as well as accessibility. Another advantage gained by using responsive web design is that companies do not have to create several different websites for different types of devices. In doing so, businesses are able to easily maintain one site that is viewable on different devices; this means the costs of maintaining several sites no longer exists. Instead, a company’s Internet budget only has to include maintenance expenses for one content. All companies looking for a way to lower the maintenance costs of websites should carefully consider hiring someone with experience in web design who understands the benefits of using techniques that help create responsive, fluid dimensions.