Use the following to understand your brand positioning:

1. Brand Attributes

What the brand delivers through features and benefits to consumers.

2. Consumer Expectations

What consumers expect to receive from the brand.

3.  Competitor attributes

What the other brands in the market offer through features and benefits to consumers.

4.  Price

An easily quantifiable factor – Your prices vs. your competitors’ prices.

5.  Consumer perceptions

The perceived quality and value  of your brand in consumer’s minds (i.e., does your brand offer the affordable solution, the good value for the money solution, the high-end, high-price tag solution, etc.?).

Will work with you to create a thorough picture of the current market and how your brand fits in that market to determine your brand’s current position.  If that’s not the position you want for your brand, lets take the necessary steps to change it based on the gaps defined when you analyzed the five factors above.

Do you use any other factors in your brand positioning definition process?

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