Brand Attributes

Creating Impactful Brand Identities by Harnessing Core Attributes

New Brand Strategies

When establishing a new business or revamping the branding of an existing one, it’s essential to have well-defined brand attributes. A brand is far more than just a visual symbol of your company; it’s a layered entity that conveys various messages, both overtly and subtly, using a combination of imagery and text. This encompasses everything from style to aesthetics, tone to voice, and everything in between.



Two team members collaborate on web design projects at the ArtVersion Chicago offices.

Effective branding demands market relevance. Brand attributes that embolden relevance ensure that your company remains in sync with the latest digital trends and consumer preferences. This connection fosters loyalty and influences conversions. Adaptability to delivering contemporary designs boosts your brand with a competitive edge.



Think different, yet stay familiar. That’s the power of brand consistency. It holds the key to building trust and conveying a unified brand presence. A cohesive visual presentation across all campaigns and marketing efforts strengthens your brand identity. This consistency should extend to your company’s operations and communications, reinforcing your core message and values.

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Team members collaborate on print design and brand attributes at ArtVersion.

Effective positioning differentiates your brand in a competitive marketplace. Brand positioning is about crafting a unique space for your company in its industry with an analytical deep dive into market trends, and fully grasping the spectrum of the landscape by identifying untapped opportunities that define your stance. 



Is your brand message built to last, or is it just riding the wave of the latest design trends? This kind of foresight is essential for scalability. Ensure that the effort and resources you’re pouring into building your brand are not just for quick wins, but are investments that will grow and flourish over time, contributing to a business model that’s resilient and enduring. 

ArtVersion tube package design, part of key attributes of branding.


Inspiration and Innovation

ArtVersion design agency team member working on a mobile interface design and brand attributes.

Your brand should stand at the centerfold of inspiration and authority. It’s about creating a legacy—a brand story that’s not just heard but felt and remembered. This approach can transform your brand from just another in the industry to a renowned leader. 



A brand’s strength lies in its uniqueness. In crowded industries, the ArtVersion team guides brands to distinctively and positively stand out, crafting a unique identity that resonates in the marketplace.
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Person Opening Magazine Spread.
The allure of your brand is closely tied to its visual appeal and the balance in its visual communications. An appealing brand captivates customers through aesthetically pleasing and harmonious design elements. This visual attractiveness is key in creating a rewarding and engaging brand experience, encouraging customer association and loyalty.


Visual Elements

ArtVersion specializes in developing impactful visual elements to enhance a company’s visual stories. Our expertise encompasses diverse branding aspects, including logo design, visual branding, marketing strategies, and corporate identity. This comprehensive approach ensures cohesive and appealing branding across all company facets.

Chicago creative agency ArtVersion logo on the wall with awards beneath it.


The flagship website ArtVersion created for us now attracts over 100,000 visitors per month, paralleling an increase in revenue.
Kate Smith – Sensational Color
I would enthusiastically recommend ArtVersion and also not hesitate to use them again personally.
William Patterson – Morgan Stanley
Positive feedback from users illustrates that the site is more visually appealing and accessible. Also, online engagement has improved; visitors are navigating to a variety of pages and remaining longer on the site. ArtVersion's creativity, attentive listening, and reliability stood out from other agencies.
Krissy Kavanagh – Marist High School
The ArtVersion team has a good company culture, which sets the foundation for a strong and seamless partnership.
Sara Fish – Samsonite