Branding through Graphics
One of our mottos at ArtVersion is branding through graphics. We take every single image that appears on our clients web pages, print material, blogs etc. and make it count.

There are many ways to use graphics to brand your business, below are a few that go beyond the normal logo and website design:

  1. Letterhead is now something our clients use both online and offline. Whether sending a letter or an email, having letterhead that corresponds with your company’s website logo will go a long way towards building your branding up.
  2. Business Cards – A lot of times clients use really simple business cards in an attempt to keep things clean and modern, but we always recommend they use branding on these as well. It helps create an overall recognition of your brand.
  3. Product Images – Simply putting your logo in the corner of a product picture will help create recognition among clients.

Putting forth the effort to brand everything possible will make sure you receive the recognition and awareness you deserve. Always keep an eye out for parts of your business that aren’t branded, but should be. Once you start looking, you’ll be shocked by how many branding opportunities you’ve missed. At ArtVersion, we encourage our clients to brand as much as possible, and they always thank us in the end.

Posted from: ArtVersion Chicago Graphic Design and Creative Agency