In today’s digital age, many companies have stopped focusing on designing brochures in favor of fancier websites and a larger web presence.  At ArtVersion we know how important a company’s online presence is.  We work day and night to provide our customers with the best websites we can, but sometimes we find ourselves wondering if print marketing material is being overlooked to the company’s detriment.Brochures are an extremely important marketing material for any company.  Having a perfect brochure for real-live customers to take with them can go a long way. A strong brochure can help potential clients remember you long after they have left your trade show display, store, or meeting.

A well design brochure can go even further. Handing a well-designed brochure to a customer lets the client know you have every facet of your business covered.  You aren’t just focused on finding clients online, but you care about the ones you meet in person too.

Additionally, we find that creating a three-fold brochure with limited space will often help a client refine their mission and say what they need to say without the unlimited amount of space a website offers. Often, after the creation of a brochure that says everything it needs to say in 1,000 words or less, clients go back to their webpage and tweak their message so that it more closely fits their brochure.

Another use for brochures is to split away from the common three-fold format and go for something grand and artistic. This approach adds the Wow factor that many customers are looking for. It often doesn’t hold much more content but focuses on the graphics and visual feeling.

However a company chooses to use a brochure, we at ArtVersion make sure what we design is well-conceived and to the point.