Starting a company is an extremely exciting time. There is so much to think about and so many important decisions to make. When determining where to put the initial capital, we always suggest investing in a professional and user-friendly website design.

We have done many web site re-designs for companies who tried to go the inexpensive route, and regretted it down the line, wasting time and money. Therefore, we can safely say, the initial investment pays for itself over and over and over.

There are two main reasons why a professional web site design is so important. The first is simply that you are not going to get as much business without a well designed and visually pleasing website. You need to look professional in order to bring in the kind of customers who help take your company from a start-up to a bona fide business.

The second is, starting with a poor design is only going to require more investment and time to redesign and redevelop the website down the road. More often than not, down the road is only a few months after the initial launch — when it becomes apparent that the business can’t truly take off without a strong online presence.

Making the decision to do it right from the start will not only help grow your start-up, but it will save you money in the long run. Don’t forget, your website is not just there to take up space on the Internet. It’s there to serve a purpose, to inform your customers, to sell your service, so make sure it does its job and does it well.