The best marketers have always been the best storytellers. People want to find the best products and services to suit their needs, but more than anything, they want to be told a great story.

How will this product change my life? In what ways will this service make me more efficient at my job and free up time to spend with my family? These questions can be answered through bullet points covering product and service features, but they are better answered through creative marketing that tells a story.

One of the best ways to tell that story is through the use of engaging and descriptive visuals. At ArtVersion, we work hard to create a story for brands to tell that improves the engagement of their users and strengthens their businesses.

Strong Visuals Equal A Strong Brand

Some of the strongest brands in the world today have gotten there through strong visual marketing campaigns. The type of visuals that perform best evoke emotions and fit into a broader approach to marketing the business as a whole and establishing a strong and unique brand voice.

Fresh and creative visuals can take a company that has been seen as bland and wholly unoriginal, and turn it into a fresh new face in the industry. By investing in marketing campaigns with a strong emphasis on visual storytelling, companies can set themselves on a new direction that gets people talking about them for suddenly being different from their competitors.

Visual Storytelling Can Humanize A Company’s Brand Image

Many companies struggle with connecting to their target market. They focus so much on the business side of things that the human element is often missing. When it comes time to market a product or service, their approach to things is often quite forgettable.

Fresh logos, graphics for marketing campaigns and even new color choices for websites and newsletters can make all the difference in giving a company’s brand a warmer and more engaging feel.

ArtVersion Can Help

From better color choices to new logos and other visual creatives, ArtVersion can help by providing the right visuals to tell the story customers want to hear.