New types of media are being released into the world everyday and it is appropriate for every business to have a logo that is versatile throughout all media platforms. When viewing your corporate logo, have you ever noticed that it only looks outstanding on your computer screen but not on any other platform?

Logos are a vital aspect in companies and should appear consistent throughout all different media. Older dated logos may have a rough time adapting to new forms of media, and is logical for companies to update their older logos. Your newly designed logo should not just be updated on new media but on all company items (promotional as well as internal). When you update your logo you must keep the logo consistent throughout all your media choices. Substantial logos that are compatible throughout all different media platforms are crucial for your business.

Having a logo design that is compatible with all different media does not mean that your logo will always appear in color. From time to time your logo may appear in black and white, when using different documents, like: photo copies and faxes. When designing your logo it will appear clear and legible in both black and white and color if you avoid using shadows, intricate designs and gradients.

Keeping consistent logos throughout different media is very important. Logos should appear exactly the same on websites as they would appear on letter heads, the side of buildings, company vehicles and other media materials.  Consistency is a key element with customer recognition, and will help companies gain more attention and business.