For most companies, a corporate website is designed to provide information about to the public, prospects, customers, potential business partners and investors. Unfortunately, the language and web design tends to lose users as a result of the “corporate” design and language. This leads to users abandoning the website or feeling disconnected from your message. The solution then is to come up with engaging web design that makes users want to use and interact with the website, which would then get them to learn about and even associate favorably with your company.

The first thing you can do is to use storytelling. The magic of using stories is that it draws people in as opposed to something like a mission statement where people feel like you’re lecturing them. Storytelling can be used through words and pictures, so you want to make your corporate story a part of your design while using engaging copy to tell the story. It’s akin to creating a theme around your corporate website as opposed to pushing an agenda down people’s throats.

The second thing you can do is to design for interaction. Use tools such as live chat, click-to-call buttons, surveys, and jQuery scripts to get people involved. Make sure that your design around these tools is intuitive, user friendly and actually valuable. Give people a reason to interact with your website rather than assuming they will interact with it.

The third thing you can do is to design a great UI and aim for a great UX. You want to make using your website intuitive. To do this, your website must have clean navigation, an organized site structure, quick loading times, and proper content formatting just to name a few things. Your goal should be to make your website easy to use, easy to read, and easy to understand.

Finally, you want to provide a clear direction. You want to provide clear navigation paths for a specific group in your audience. You need to also limit your choices as people will get confused or not take action if too many options are available to them. This is true whether your aim is to leave an impression of your company or you aim is to have the visitor take some kind of action.

Those are some of the core components that you’ll need to focus on to create engaging web design. While a big part of making your website more engaging is scientific, there is also an art to it. The art really lies in bringing your story together and finding ways to make your web design help communicate your core message and connecting with your audience.