The primary objective of a non profit website is to inform its readers of the charity and its mission and to request that visitors pledge a donation. While most charitable organizations are worthy of donations, some do not receive those much needed funds because the website loses its donors’ interest. The need for an inventive non profit web design that maintains potential donor’s interest is crucial.
Website visitors tend to have short attention spans, so when a potential donor comes upon a nonprofit website, it should immediately capture his or her attention and explain the charity in as few words as possible. This is commonly achieved with the use of profound, shocking or heartwarming photos as well as large bold words. These words can state an alarming statistic related to the cause, or the non profit web design can include quotes or other logical phrases that pique its readers’ interest and encourage these visitors to learn more. Ideally, a non profit website should also have a mission statement listed on the homepage that explains to the reader exactly what the charity is and does.

Perhaps the most important aspect of non profit web design is to have the means to make the donation as simple as possible for its visitors. A large, prominent donation button on the home page, which leads to a safe credit or debit card page, is the best option. Similarly, a non profit website can include varying dollar amounts to donate, the choice of a one-time, monthly or quarterly donation option and an area to sign up for a newsletter. The easier it is for someone to make a donation, the more funds a charity will likely receive.