Recent surveys showed that 75 percent of small businesses have not developed mobile web pages for smartphones. An additional 86 percent have not designed a mobile website design for tablets. About 40 percent of businesses have no clue how their web page appears on a mobile device.

Weigh this against the fact that 84 percent of smartphone users are surfing the Internet from their mobile devices, looking for information. In a nutshell, these surveys are stating that millions of potential customers are browsing up the Internet from mobile devices to find information, but few businesses are answering the call. These findings reveal a great opportunity for businesses that can answer that call by using a mobile site design to attract more visitors, more conversions and more sales.

Experienced companies that specialize in mobile website design, such as ourselves, have the capability to create what is called responsive web design. By using HTML and CSS source code, a mobile site design company can create a business web site that will deliver an appropriate web page for every computer and mobile device from the same URL.

If a customer calls up a business web address from a smartphone, a smartphone web page will be sent to that person’s device. Laptop users would see a web page designed for laptops. A desktop web page will be seen on desktop computers. This is an ideal solution for businesses to be certain that their web page is seen by all users whether on a mobile device or a laptop.

It is very important that you catch up on the current trends and bring your business website to the current standards.  Standards that would help your customer find easier things they are looking for and convert those searches into sales.  Web Design and clean but sophisticated User Interface Design would help your bottom-line.