Whether a trade show, conference or annual meeting – hosting or participating in events are a large part of a company’s budget for the year. Regardless of it’s size or stature, some form of event collateral must be distributed to help gain exposure and deliver a return on the investment of the event itself. From attendance building pre-event awareness to post-event follow up and lead generation follow up – event collateral, both print and digital – is critical to getting the word out and making necessary connections.

Taking a strategic approach to event marketing collateral will allow for the most consistent end result. Each event has it’s own purpose, even seasonality – so a one size fits all approach will not suffice. Designing a cohesive event marketing campaign around the organization’s goals for the event will help to drive an actionable marketing strategy to drive event activities and aesthetic.

Collateral material for events can include everything from email campaigns, print postcard mailings, trade show booth designs, program catalogs, event badges, program booklets, folders, pamphlets, brochures, promotional products, line sheets, billboards, digital signage, banners, advertisements and posters. The look and feel of the campaign should be timely and resonate with the goals of the event, but also reflect the brand or company that is being represented.

Scaling marketing initiatives to align with the size and importance of the event requires initial strategy discussions with stakeholders to determine what elements are required. Some considerations include the presence of a digital registration platform if hosting the event – this could include a simple sign up on an existing website or a complete microsite specific to the event.

To create a memorable experience, thinking outside the box is necessary when it comes to event marketing collateral. Too many times, the ‘old standards’ that a company has relied on for years become stale and expected. It’s important to experiment with new formats and ideas – from a unique giveaway item to the design of the campaign. The idea is to create conversation, and keep the memory of the event fresh in customers minds so when the follow up occurs – they want to engage.